We are a group of experienced professionals who realised we shared the same commitment to providing a quality personalized service to people with learning difficulties and/or mental health problems who find it difficult to access existing day services.

We have started a social enterprise in order to provide support and access to new opportunities that will enhance the lives of people with learning difficulties and/or mental health problems.
Being a social enterprise allows us to focus on providing a quality service rather than having profit as our main priority. Any profit we do make will go back into the organisation and improve the service.


We are a service user focused and flexible organisation. We can offer a personalized one to one support service to access community facilities or existing day services. We provide various group activities, including small intensively staffed groups for users who may find it difficult to access larger groups, through to larger activity based groups. Sessions are aimed at improving confidence, social skills, communication and overall quality of life.


We recognize that building good relationships with service users, their families, carers and professionals is the key to providing a high quality service. We believe relationships with service users should encourage communication and allow them to feel confident and secure in their support workers company. We will always provide you with a familiar support worker. We believe that promoting independence is an important part of improving our service users lives, challenging behaviour/communication can occur when a service user has little or no control over the decisions that are made about their lives.


We believe that the best way to deal with behaviours or communication that challenges is by developing good relationships with service users, this enables the support worker to preempt situations where the service user may become distressed and use non-confrontational, calming or diffusing techniques long before any physical intervention would be required. Improved communication leads to better a understanding of individuals needs and a reduction in behaviour that challenges. We think that physical intervention should only be used as a very last resort and we pride ourselves on the minimal amount of physical intervention used.


Our staff pride themselves on their shared commitment to improving the lives of people with learning difficulties and/or mental health problems. We have over 100 years of professional experience in management, education, social work, residential and care work. We have staff experienced in working with challenging behaviour/communication, profound and multiple learning difficulties/disabilities, people on the autistic spectrum and people with mental health problems. All staff have enhanced CRB checks and all insurance and indemnities are in place.